Shibuya Art Festival

Tanaka’s new work was showcased at Shibuya Art Festival on November 9 to 15.
Mainly there are four contents and one of them is directed by him.

[jan 7, 21]

Screening at International Short Film Week Regensburg

Tanaka's "AST*RISK" and “Bye Bye Alfred” will be screened at "the 25th International Short Film Week Regensburg" in Germany.
"AST*RISK” has been included in the program titled “Poetry in motion” and “Bye Bye Alfred” in the special program focusing on Japan.

[mar 8, 19]

Screening at Moss Index

"AST*RISK" will be screened at Moss Index in San Francisco, USA on June 28.
[jun 8, 18]

Screening at Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Tanaka's "AST*RISK" will be screened at Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Germany.
[feb 6, 18]

Screening at the special program by FIVA

Tanaka's "OKEPASELA" will be screened at "The Night of the Museums" by FIVA in Argentina on November 4.
[nov 2, 17]

New work uploaded

Tanaka's "OKEPASELA" has been uploaded on vimeo.
[aug 1, 17]

Screening at Image Forum Festival 2017

Tanaka's latest work, "AST*RISK" will be screened at Image Forum Festival 2017 in Japan.
astrisk001 astrisk002 astrisk003 astrisk004 astrisk005
[apr 24, 17]

Screening at IMAGES CONTRE NATURE 2016

Tanaka's "OKEPASELA" will be screened at IMAGES CONTRE NATURE 2016 in France.
[jun 17, 16]

Screening at Image Forum Festival 2016

"Kaizer" will be screened at Image Forum Festival on April 29 and May 6.
[apr 26, 16]

Screening at Filmfest Dresden

"Kaizer" will be screened at 28th Filmfest Dresden.

[mar 11, 16]

Screening at Cairo Video festival

"OKEPASELA" will be screened at 7th Cairo Video festival.
[nov 17, 15]

Screening at FIVA

"OKEPASELA" will be screened at FIVA.
[oct 10, 15]

New work premiered

Tanaka's latest work, "OKEPASELA" will be screened at Image Forum Festival 2015.
[may 5, 15]

Vjing at Last Waltz

Tanaka will play vj at Last Waltz in Tokyo on March 17.
"Dance of the veil" will release a debut CD titled "Deep Blue" and perform live to celebrate the release.
details (in Japanese)
[mar 9, 15]

New work updated

Tanaka's latest commercial work, "Real Dreams Opening Movie" has been uploaded on vimeo.

[mar 6, 15]


"Varfix" will be screened at Animateka 11th International Animated Film Festival in Slovenia.
"Varfix" on vimeo
[dec 8, 14]

selfservice vol.4

Tanaka will play vj at Ekoda Buddy, Tokyo on November 16.
Guest DJs
Yoshinori Sunahara
Guest Live
shibbit x sugadairo trio
hajimeinoue + Visual daahara

[nov 10, 14]

Japanese Short Film Night

Japanese Short Film Night curated by Shizuko Tabata will be held on October 21 at COFA in Sydney, Australia.
Artists are following:
- Shizuko Tabata
- Hoji Tsuchiya
- OKUYAMA jun' ichi
- Saya Ito
- Sayaka Hayashi
- Shishi Yamazaki
- Kotaro Tanaka
- Mirai Mizue
- Keitaro Oshima
Tanaka's "Bye Bye Alfred" will be screened.
Bye Bye Alfred on Vimeo
[oct 17, 13]

The Incubate Open Film

"Nancy & Henry" will be screened at The Incubate Open Film in Netherlands.
It'll be held on September 19.
[sep 4, 13]

The 4th Experimental Film Forum

"Nancy & Henry" will be screened at The 4th Experimental Film Forum in Singapole.
It'll take place on June 28.
[jun 20, 13]

Image Forum Festival 2013

Tanaka's latest work, "Nancy & Henry" has been invited at Image Forum Festival 2013.
It goes around Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Aichi.
[may 31, 13]


Tanaka composed musics for a movie, "Death Billiard" directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa.
It'll be screened at various theaters nationwide from March 2.
[feb 27, 13]

Live at Buddy

a short document of live performance held on November 5.

[nov 13, 12]

Live at Buddy

short documents of live performance held on August 28.

[sep 5, 12]

vjing at M, Daikanyama

Tanaka played vj at M, Daikanyama on July 28.

[aug 22, 12]


"Bye Bye Alfred" will be shown at Images Contre Nature 2012 in Marseille, France. His work has been included in program "TIME". It'll be held between 10 to 14 July.
[jun 29, 12]

Image Forum Festival 2012

Kotaro Tanaka's latest work, "Bye Bye Alfred" will be screened at Image Forum Festival 2012. It'll take place at Fukuoka on June 7th, at Nagoya on June 13th and at Kyoto on June 20th.
[may 8, 12]

spring of love

tanaka provided video piece for the event "spring of love" held at magazine club in Lille, France on April 13.
[apr 13, 12]

featured by noovo


Kotaro Tanaka's work, "Varfix" has been featured by noovo.
[feb 2, 12]

KLEX and a workshop at MMU

SVP2 which Kotaro Tanaka is a member of joined Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival.
We curated the program called "3.11". 18 artists made a 3min 11sec video each.
Also Tanaka had a workshop at MultiMedia University. He dealed with the theme "unseen world" and the students made a still or an drawing each for the theme.
[nov 30, 11]


DENIAL SHIRT & Kotaro Tanaka had an installation at BASE STATION HARAJUKU FLAGSTORE on October 21.
A short video document of it has been uploaded on vimeo.
[oct 26, 11]

L'Étrange Festival

Varfix will be shown at L'Étrange Festival in france on september 6.
it's included in the program 2.
[sep 6, 11]

motion, fusion, reflection

atta presents "motion, fusion, reflection - a certain viewpoint of current film -" on september 3 in sapporo.
kotaro tanaka curates a program in which not only primitive films but progressive videos are included.
after screening keitaro oshima who is the host and tanaka will have a conversation.
[aug 16, 11]

Tension vs. Meditation

Varfix will be screened at CineCycle on august 5. the program, "Tension vs. Meditation" is presented by Tomonari Nishikawa.
the program is following:
Dahlia (Shiho KANO, 13.5 min., 2009, Japan)
Drained Time vol. 2 (Aliquot Light) (Kazuhiro GOSHIMA, 7 min., 2009, Japan)
Negai wo hiku (Drawing Wishes) (Aki NAKAZAWA, 5 min., 2006, Germany/Japan)
A Devotion (Yuta TAKEHIRO, 4.5 min., 2011, Japan)
Between Showers (Hirotoshi IWASAKI, 3 min., 2009, Japan)
Unconscious (Yusuke NAKAJIMA, 4 min., 2007, Japan)
How Can I Attack My Evil Heart? (Chikara MATSUMOTO, 6 min., 2010, Japan)
Varfix (Kotaro TANAKA, 8.5 min., 2010, Japan)
[jul 29, 11]

IFF in fukuoka and nagoya

"invain" will be screened at other venues of Image Forum Festival 2011.
in fukuoka it'll be shown on june 2, in nagoya on june 16.
more details (japanese)
[may 23, 11]


Varfix will be shown at vienna independent shorts.
the festival will take place from from may 26 to june 1.
[may 11, 11]

IFF 2011

tanaka's latest work, "invain" will be screened at Image Forum Festival 2011.
in tokyo it'll be shown on may 2 & 5, in kyoto on june 8. the festival will travel throughout japan.
more details (japanese)
[apr 12, 11]


Varfix will be screened at Europian Media Art Festival Osnabrueck.
the program including my work is "into the dark". the entire program is here.
the festival will be held from april 27 to may 1.
[apr 4, 11]

moves 11

Varfix will be screened at international festival of movement on screen in uk.
it'll be held from april 27 to may 1.
[mar 7, 11]


Varfix has been selected for inclusion in this year's competitive festival FLEX.
it'll take place at florida, usa from february 17 to 20.
[feb 11, 11]

information about dotmov updated

more information of the screening of dotmov has been updated.
[jan 20, 11]



tanaka's work, Varfix has been invited to participate in the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam.
it'll take place from january 26 to february 6.
[dec 23, 10]

from the other side: contemporary Japanese videos

a screening curated by tomonari nishikawa has been finished. it was held at The State University of New York at Binghamton.
the program is following;
Guided by Voices (Stom Sogo, 1999, 11 min.)
Lines in Space (Homare Ikeda, 2009, 9 min.)
Landscape, semi-surround (Eriko Sonoda, 2009, 9 min.)
Kaizer (Kotaro Tanaka, 2006, 10 min.)
Iololol (Idora) (Masahiro Ohsuka, 2007, 3 min.)
Electric Pinokio (Kenji Onishi, 2006, 13 min.)
I am (NOT) seen (Takahiko Iimura, 2003, 5 min.)
[nov 26, 10]



lowave which is an independent dvd label in france presents verticalopolis at le festival de image ville.
kotaro tanaka's work, Deck will be screened there.
[nov 11, 10]

dotmov 2010

Varfix will be shown at dotmov.
the detail of SCHEDULE is following;
11/01 - 11/31__Sapporo, CAI02
11/01 - 12/03__Fukuoka, Gallery Artlier
11/03 - 11/07__Porto Alegre (Brazil), 2010
11/03 - 11/13__Kagawa, Tokiwa Art Gallery (Cinema Square 2010@TAG)
11/05 - 12/02__Tokyo, TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS
11/05 - 11/18__Kobe, Kobe Design University, Library
11/17 - 11/21__Belo Horizonte (Brazil), 2010
11/22 - 11/28__Kyoto, Cafe Independants
11/23 - 12/05__Kyoto, Dojidai Eizo Studio 1928
11/25 - 12/12__Osaka, digmeout ART&DINER
12/03 - 12/23__Sendai, TRUNK (occur2010)
12/06 - 12/12__Nagoya, Golden Child Cafe
12/24 - 12/28__São Paulo (Brazil), 2010
01/14 - 02/12__Shizuoka, CCC
March 2011 (scheduled)__Kuala Lumpur, KLDW2011
[nov 1, 10]

info of new work updated

an information about new work, "In an aquarium" has been updated in filmo page.
[oct 13, 10]

screening in italy and malaysia

tanaka's latest work, Varfix will be screened at visionaria and Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival (KLEX).
visionaria will be held on between october 16 and 23, KLEX on october 22 to 25.
[sep 14, 10]

MJVAX 2010

Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exchange (MJVAX) 2010 will be held in malaysia from july 20 to august 6.
MJVAX is a major project bringing together institutions, artists, videographers and multi-media experts
across malaysia and japan. it is anticipated to be a landmark event in VIDEO ART and NEW MEDIA linking both countries.
(excerpt from BSLN)
kotaro tanaka will perform live and lecture at some universities. also his works will be shown national gallery.
[jul 17, 10]

screening in poland

kotaro tanaka's latest work, "Varfix" has been selected to animator 2010 in poland.
it'll take place between 12-17 july.
[jun 3, 10]

iff 2010 in fukuoka, nagoya & yokohama

following the screenings in tokyo & kyoto, "Mornin'" & "Varfix" will be screened at 24th image forum festival in fukuoka, nagoya & yokohama.
june 2 at fukuoka city public library
june 19 at aichi arts center
july 17 at yokohama museum of art
[may 11, 10]

image forum festival 2010

kotaro tanaka's works, "Mornin'" & "Varfix" will be screened at 24th image forum festival.
the program in which his works are included will be held on april 29, may 3 in tokyo and may 12 in kyoto.
[apr 2, 10]

Mornin' awarded with honorable mention

tanaka's work, "Mornin'" was awarded with honorable mention in the contest best 2009 video, minute planet.
[mar 18, 10]

filmography updated

filmography page has been updated.
an information of kotaro tanaka's new work, "Varfix" is there.
the movie itself and other informations of screening will come soon.
[mar 5, 10]

screening at annexinema

Kaizer has been invited for annexinema at nottingham, uk.
it'll take place on march 13.
[feb 18, 10]

screening at sniff

happy new year!!
kotaro tanaka's work, "Kaizer" has been invited for 16:9 international film festival at mumbai, india.
it'll be held on january 15&16.
[jan 5, 10]

Mornin' selected for a festival in france

tanaka's 1min. animation, Mornin' has been selected for Festival du film minute de Lille.
it'll be held in lille, france on october 31.

VAD 2009

kotaro tanaka's work, Light - Years has been selected by festival VAD.
it'll take place in girona, spain on october 15 to 25.
VAD 2009


BUREIKOU will take place at stripe's space on october 2&3.
five malaysian artists will come to japan to show their works and lecture at several universities.
kotaro tanaka will perform live with them.
in tokyo
october 2&3 at stripe's space
in fukuoka
october 8~10 at fukuoka asian art museum


experimental film festival, EXPERIMENTAL 3 will be held in osaka from october 1 to 9.
kotaro tanaka's work, "Deck" will be screened on oct. 3&7 at cine nouveau.
more details are on lowave & aqua metropolis osaka 2009 sites.

vjing at amate-raxi

kotaro tanaka will vj at amate-raxi on october 11.
091011 091011


loop-pool exhibition

loop pool ping pong on ice fantastic event will be held at mello mello, liverpool, uk on september 5.
loop pool dvd is commissioned by international short film festival oberhausen, germany, which includes kotaro tanaka's little piece.

vjing at womb


kotaro tanaka as bysexual team will play vj at womb on august 8.
Envelop#4 × EPR supported by TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS
~BARTS DVD Release Party~
open: 23:00
door: 4000yen member: 3500yen

Mornin' awarded Best Animation

kotaro tanaka's work, Mornin' got the Best Animation award from the Minute Planet, One Minute World Festival.

A Document of "Fun On The Sumida River"

A Document of "Fun On The Sumida River" -playing golf on a river- has been uploaded on the filmo page.
many thanks wah and great associates!

fun on the sumida river - wah

"fun on the sumida river - wah" is being held at asahi breweries' azumabashi headquarters building and sumida riverside hall gallery till 20 july.
kotaro tanaka joined taking pictures and movies.
10:00 - 19:00 open all days
admission: free
organized by asahi beer arts foundation
co-organized by sumida-ku, sumidagawa art project executive committee, asahi art festival executive committee
coordinated by association for corporate support of the arts
supported by koto-ku
on the other hand, tanaka's making a document about the project. it'll come soon.

"Mornin'" featured

kotaro tanaka's work, "Mornin'" has received a feature grade.
it's featured on the top of the page of the Minute Planet, One Minute World Festival.

links updated

NATURE BLISS INC. is provided to links page.
thank you so much!

IMDb registers kotaro tanaka

kotaro tanaka has been registered by the IMDb (internet movie database) .


Light - Years

kotaro tanaka's work, Light - Years is uploaded.

links updated

tomonari nishikawa and eriko sonoda sites are added to links page.
many thanks, nishikawa-san, sonoda-san!

SiCKL special event: video art from japan

kotaro tanaka's works will be showcased at SiCKL, malaysia on 1 april.
not only his works but also my associate's (hiroaki sato & katsuyuki hattori) ones screened.
also they'll discuss their works and activities in person.


Quiet Instinct

hiroshi ashikaga's personal exhibition will be held at ophthalmologist gallery on 12 to 18 march.
kotaro tanaka cooperated with his video work.

Quiet Instinct
12 to 18 march, open 12:00 till 20:00
reception party will be held on 13 march at 18:00

LE:60 1-Minute Film Festival

kotaro tanaka's work "Mornin'" will be screened at axiom gallery on 19 march.
selection from LE:60 1-Minute Film Festival (usa).

video library p'silo

kotaro tanaka's works, Kaizer & Loose Magnetic are archived in the video library p'silo.
anybody can consult them at videodrome (marseille).


happy new year!
kotaro tanaka will vj at womb next month.
Feb. 8 (sun) 16:00 to 22:00 @WOMB
DOOR ¥2,500 / WITH FLYER ¥2,000 / WOMB MEMBERS ¥1,500
sponsorship: Argentina's embassy

upcoming events

kotaro tanaka will play vjing at bullet's on december 20 & at womb on february 8.
FLAT BLACK presents year - end party at bullet's on december 20
starts 22:00 till 5:00
¥1500 (1drink)

detail of BUREIKOU

kotaro tanaka presents the program, which shows new films made by japanese filmmakers.
the detail of the program is following;
"denotation" dir. fumiro sato
"Apnea" dir. hiroshi kondo
"mirror for eyes" dir. hiroshi kondo
"Increase" dir. yusuke nakajima
"Garden/ing" dir. eriko sonoda
"Light - Years" dir. kotaro tanaka
it starts 14:40 to 15:40 on november 30 at victor bldg. b1 hall (1-7-1 shimbashi, minato-ku, tokyo) .
BUREIKOU will be held from 18:00 to 19:30 on november 28, 13:00 to 19:30 on november 29 & 30.
fee: free on the 1st day, 1000yen on the 2nd & 3rd days.

screening in japan

Holidaze & Kaizer will be screened at Tokyo Eizo Brig. screening 2008 which will be held at kineattic on november 14 to 16.
also tanaka's new work, Light - Years will be shown at BUREIKOU by SVP2 on november 29 & 30.
programs will be announced soon.

links updated

kotaro tanaka has been showcased on souvenirs from earth.

symbolic interaction presents “the silence was warm festival 2008”

audio visual event will be held at kawaguchiko stellar theater on october 4.
it's for freeeee!
kotaro tanaka will join it with takafumi tsuchiya and hiroshi kondo.
the silence was warm festival 2008
starts 10:00 till 20:00
kashiwa daisuke
himuro yoshiteru
akira kosemura feat. ayano yokoyama
headphone science
kenji fujita
oba masahiro

Mornin' nominated

kotaro tanaka's new work, Mornin' has been nominated for Le:60 1-minute Film Fest.
it'll take place at palmer street, harvard square, cambridge, ma (usa) on september 27.

screening in germany

Kaizer will be screened at OHAYO Japan Festival (leipzig, germany) on september 22&25.

review of Holidaze

“Holidaze, from Kotaro Tanaka, subverts the daily way, moving the passers-by through highly refined techniques”
by Ines Cardoso (Curta Santos)

detail of the exhibition

new work will be shown at “unseen dimension” which will be held at ZAIM.
short synopsis is following:
Light - Years
12min. / color / stereo / HDV (on DVD)
Cinema has represented numerous pasts, presents and even unknown futures.
The concept of this work is a kind of unknown futures.
What are they listening to, talking about and gazing at?
Rather they may be doing something unexplainable by languages, somewhere several light years away.
Sound: Kensuke Fujii
click following images to see larger ones.
lightyears01 lightyears02

lightyears03 lightyears04



FLAT BLACK presents “unseen dimension”

kotaro tanaka will participate the event which will be held at ZAIM (yokohama, japan) on august 18th to 22th.
paintings, objects and moving images will be exhibited.
more details about his work will be announced soon.

Kaizer nominated for VAD

Kaizer has been selected by the VAD international video and digital arts festival to enter the 2008 competition.
the festival will take place from october 15th to 19th.

screening at 6th curta santos

kotaro tanaka's work, Holidaze will be screened at curta santos (brazil) .
It will be held on september 15th to 20th.

broadcasting on souvenirs from the earth

Holidaze, Kaizer and Palette of Waves are broadcasted on souvenirs from the earth (Germany) on July 15th.

new work uploaded

kotaro tanaka's new work, "Mornin'" has been uploaded.
it's a short short handwritten animation and its sound is composed by yusuke nakajima.
filmo page

broadcasting on propeller tv

propeller tv will broadcast Holidaze, Kaizer and Loose Magnetic
on 24 june between 20:15 and 21:00.

AURORA Edition 1 out now

finally AURORA Edition 1 has been released!
it's a unique compendium of thirteen new films drawn from the competition selection for AURORA 2007.
Kotaro Tanaka's work, Kaizer is included in it.
more details

screening at the festival images contre nature

Loose Magnetic will be screened at the festival images contre nature (france)
from 2 to 5 july.

AURORA on tour

AURORA on tour will take place june.
Kaizer is included in the progam, "erasure".
avant music festival (moscow, russia) on 1 june
mar cinema (kazan, russia) on 18 & 20 june
dom kino (rostov, russia) on 25 june

mirage #13

bysexual team will play vj at earth one dred (tokyo) on 7 june.
starts 23:00
DJ: JICK, Joe, simm, Yoshitaka

links updated

thanks, yu shigematsu.

more information about image forum festival 2008 updated

kotaro tanaka's work, "Loose Magnetic" will be screened at fukuoka city public library and aichi arts center.
fukuoka city public library (fukuoka)
on 14 june, starts 10:30
aichi arts center (nagoya)
on 22 june, starts 14:45

image forum festival 2008

you can buy tickets at a 10% discount.
please get in touch with me!

max hattler & robert seidel japan tour

max hattler & robert seidel are coming to japan.
during staying they will play audio / visual performance, exhibit their works, lecture and so on.
more details (pdf)
kotaro tanaka will play vj at exclusive tour launch party, le baron de paris on 23 april.
(entry not guaranteed for non-members)
thanks to max & robert!

samples added

some works for vjing are uploaded to vimeo.

kotaro tanaka's work, Loose Magnetic is selected as the invitation film to image forum festival 2008.
at park tower hall (tokyo)
on 2 may 12:00 and 6 may 14:30
at goethe institut (kyoto)
on 14 may 19:30 and 16 may 13:00

vjing at womb on 13 april
bysexual team a member of which is kotaro tanaka will play vj at womb on 13 april.
starts 16:00 till 22:00
guest dj: chloe harris

kaizer looper is selected to videopark in basel, switzerland.
the program, szenen aus dem alltag (scenes from the everyday life) will take place at
kunstraum lodypop and nocturne im kult. kino club on 5 april.

links updated.
thanks, yusuke nakajima!


you can get a 500 yen discount if you print above image and bring it.

AURORA on tour in march and april
Kaizer included in the program, "Erasure" will be screened at phoenix arts in leicester (the uk) on 25 march,
at the pushkin cinema in cheliabinsk (russia) on 23 and 30 march,
and at the old museum arts centre in Belfast (the uk) on 15 april.
more dates in the uk and elsewhere are being confirmed.

live video performance : takafumi tsuchiya vs kotaro tanaka
at module on 4 april. open 22 : 00
door 2500 yen (w/ 1 drink), w/f 2000 yen (w/ 1 drink)
AQUIRA(Nordform, combine)
Guest DJ:
Naohito Uchiyama(synapse,tbhr,static)
WAKI(Loveburger Records), kuhuki(ONDO), Drastik Adhensive Force × Neohachi, The Invadors, Kazuhiro(Yamataica)
Bernstein(Racecar recording,NORDFORM,White rabel)
Mabushi (Yamataica)

No F(r)ee included in the japan selection for the World One Minutes exhibition which will open
June 6 in the today art museum in beijing.

links updated.
arigato, Kensuke!

"Palette of Waves" uploaded to "filmo" page.
thanks, great performers!
it's reconstructed from live performance held at victor vldg. on november 30.
photos from the event uploaded to flickr.

following LOOP POOL PING PONG in bergen,
it will be forwarded to forbundet frie fotografer, oslo february 9th at 20:00.

Flaggfabrikken presenterer: For God's sake Kate, where is the camera*
- LOOP POOL PING PONG by Raum für projektion

February 7th, 21.00 o'clock
Landmark - Bergen kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers Allé 5, Bergen, Norway.
Loop Pool is a project by Graw Böckler, commissioned by the 52nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.
kotaro tanaka's work, "kaizer looper" included in.

asian hot shots berlin on tour held in leipzig, germany.
tanaka's film, Kaizer included in the program, DisOrientation.

"hue presents Nomad, Zucchini Drive and Bleubird JAPAN TOUR 2008 x NAKAMEGURO DUB

vjing with takafumi tsuchiya at seco on February 8.
starts 22:00
1-11-1 shibuya, shibuya-ku, tokyo

AURORA on tour: Erasure took place in the Rodina Cinema in St.Petersburg
on 26 January and 2 February.
Kaizer contained in its program.

Kaizer nominated for asian hot shots berlin.

happy new year!

kotaro tanaka's work, kaizer showcased on lumen eclipse.

"loop pool on ice" out now.
his work for this project included in.
it's a graw böckler project. in cooperation with michael heydebreck.
commissioned by the 53rd international short film festival oberhausen 2007.
thanks a lot, ursula & georg.

photos from "BUREIKOU" uploaded to flickr.

thanks, jan verbeek. danke!

the schedule of the event at OVO changes to dec.21.
so sorry kotaro tanaka doesn't join it.
vjing by bysexual team at warehouse raise, gunma on dec.29.
start 22:00
many thanks.

vjing with takafumi tsuchiya at OVO on 22.Dec.
guest dj : dj quietstorm (nakameguro yakkyoku)
guest live : ena (iai recordings), dutchfromtokyo ( campingcar_disc )

the article about "BUREIKOU" appeared in fuji sankei business i on Dec.6.
thanks to mr. taro iwamoto.

new film, "loose magnetic" uploaded. check out filmo page.
it consists of 4 "stories".
every chapter magnetized by vision.

"BA.BA.REEBA!" 4th anniversary

vjing by bysexual team at womb on Dec.9.
start 16:00 till 22:00.
guest dj : deep mariano (argentina)

14th "BUREIKOU" ends.
thanks to great performers and filmmakers!
report on the event uploaded soon.

screening for "BUREIKOU" takes place on the second day.
program following;
Hold on / Hei Cheng (uk) 3'45
Molecules / Winston Huang (ca) 8'37
Series of Experiments / Martin Ruyant (uk) 4'32 they pass... / Brigitta Bödenauer (at) 6'
Kaizer / Kotaro Tanaka (jp) 10'19
and other film(s) will be screened.

"BUREIKOU" presented by SVP2 will take place at victor bldg. (tokyo) on 30/11 and 01/12.
on the first day, musicians and kotaro tanaka perform live!
- palette of waves -
yoshu kamei (violin)
osamu kawakami (cello)
kyong-a im (cello)
hidehito yamamiya (percussion)
ryoko imai (percussion)
kensuke fujii (piano)
kotaro tanaka (image)
open 18:30, start 19:00 (1h)
participation fee: 1500yen
at victor bldg.
1-7-1 shinbashi, minato-ku, tokyo 105-0004
on the other hands, kotaro tanaka presents foreign films selected by him from AURORA
which is international animation festival in norwich, u.k the next day.
more information here.(sorry...for japanese)
[20/11/07 ]

vjing at Roots N on 18-24, Nov.18.
music bar Roots N
Kaneko Bldg. B1, 7-18-13 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

"Kaizer" nominated for DOTMOV Festival 2007.
it'll take place at "SOSO"(sapporo) on 01/11-30/11, "sendai mediatheque"(sendai) on 01/11-14/11,
"COMBINE"(tokyo) on 01/11-30/11 and "digmeout ART&DINER"(osaka) on 07/11-18/11.

"Kaizer" nominated for Int. Film Festival Hannover in germany.
it'll take place for 22/11-25/11.

"links" added.
thanks to friends!

"filmography" was updated.
"WISIWYG -version-", "Deck" and "kaizer looper" are uploaded.

"Kaizer" was nominated for AURORA 2007.
i'll join the festival. see you in Norwich!

"filmography" was updated.
"Griffon", "Lag" and "untitled" are uploaded.

"filmography" was updated.
you can watch some of my works (Holidaze, Kaizer, No F(r)ee).

hi, there.
kotaro tanaka's website was launched.
informations about his works and activities will be introduced on this site.